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Things to Consider 

Before Renting a Tent Please Consider the Following

Are there underground lines?

Before we can install your tent, has the area been checked and marked by service providers for electrical, telephone, natural gas, and cable television lines. There is no cost for these surveys. Contact your local municpal power and water provider and or Ontario One Call ( for rural locates. Note that you should allow 5-7 working days for the various services to complete their locate surveys.

Also if your home has a septic system, that area may not be the best place for you to install your tent as the ground pins could damage the system. Again overhead obstructions as well as uneven ground can also be a barrier to having a tent installed. Please Note: When considering a tent for your special event that we will need a flat/level area that is 10'-12' larger than the tent itself, and that the area is clear of both underground and overhead obstructions in order to be installed.

Do you have enough washrooms available?

One or two bathrooms will not be enough if you

have 100 guests and if you have a septic system.

You should consider portable washrooms so

you do not overload your system.

Does your home insurance policy cover you?

Check with your insurance agent to make sure

you have adequate coverage for liability and

property damage in case of an accident.

Do you need a building permit for your event?

Most municipalities are now requiring building permits and engineered drawings for temporary structures such as tents over a certain square footage, usually over 600 sqft (Larger than 20' x30'). The property owner is responsible to apply for any permits with Alpaca Tent & Event Rentals able to provide the required drawings.

For tents that require permits, the home owner may also have to provide fire extinquishers, exit signs and have these in place for the municipality to then inspect prior to allowing your event to proceed.

Please contact your local municipality for confirmation.

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